Sometimes, the support and information you need to work with survivors and batterers can be hard to find.

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At Domestic Violence Clinician Trainings, we provide the education, information, and clinical support you need so you can feel confident in your work with your clients.

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Whether you're new to domestic violence or a seasoned DV professional, you'll find something in our community for you. 

Like an ascending mountain, our courses start from the very beginning. We explain what domestic violence is, how to assess for it, and what to focus on in your first steps with clients. Other topics include working with DV in special populations, and on its intersection with other clinical areas.

We've built a supportive Facebook community where we share resources, as well as HIPAA compliant online peer supervision groups where we discuss clinical difficulties. And if you're an expert in this field, we'd love to learn from you.

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We value interactive learning! No long PDF-only courses here. All courses are either video or mixed with video and text-based components.

Learn from experts who are clinicians practicing in the field, like you. Experts who specialize in everything from batterer's intervention, to narcissistic abuse, to working with special populations.

Doesn't it sometimes feel like you're the only clinician doing DV work around you? Join our community with hundreds of other clinicians engaged in the same work! Share resources, share what you know, and we can learn from each other!

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