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Telesummit CEUs

Pre-purchase the CE for the telesummit and access to the videos. You’ll receive access to watch the videos and to the post-test for 8.5 CEUs once approved by ASWB for the following courses (once they’ve been uploaded):

  1. Domestic Violence Basics
  2. Demystifying the Legal Process of Domestic Violence Cases
  3. Treatment for parent victims involved with child protective services
  4. Batterers Intervention
  5. Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Children with Autism
  6. Narcissistic Abuse Recovery – A Guide for Clinicians (1.5 CEUs)
  7. Intimate Partner Violence in the Queer Community: What Clinicians Need to Know
  8. Intersectionality Between Violence and Mental Health


You’ll also have three-weeks of access to the following non CE courses:

  • Domestic Violence in South Asian & Muslim Cultures
  • Engaging Parents: A Clinician’s Roadmap To Empowering Parents and Creating Change In Families

You will have access to this non-CE video during the month of October only

  • Safety Planning for Teens Experiencing Dating Violence