DVCT Trainer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a trainer for Domestic Violence Clinician Trainings! We are looking for clinicians with demonstrated experience discussing issues related to Domestic Violence / Intimate Partner Violence, who want to join our team.

Our trainers provide engaging 1hr+ video presentations for clinicians to learn the basics and in-depth information on Domestic Violence. Here are a few guidelines we ask trainers to follow:

We like engaging presentations!  We recognize that people learn in a variety of ways, and so we try to provide multiple ways for people to learn. We ask that along with your video, you provide at the least, a one-page worksheet (created originally by you) to accompany the video - whether that is a checklist, a simple assessment, the slides from your presentation in "handout view" or important points from the presentation, etc. We also want our learners to feel engaged with the content. We prefer that all of our trainings have your face visible in some way, whether you are only speaking with no slides, you are speaking in front of a power-point with your face visible or a combination of the two (your face first, followed by a powerpoint with your face visible). A great platform to do this with is zoom.

Number of trainings - If you join our team, you are welcome to create multiple trainings on our platform. Each training will need to be approved, so we can be sure it is not a topic that will be repeated. You'll be asked for a training outline before you submit your video. Then after you submit your video, we will let you know if it has been approved, and when it will appear on the site. This process is just our way of ensuring we maintain a high quality of presentations.

Material ownership - You will retain ownership of your trainings, and you'll grant us the royalty-free right to use your video without limitation. In order to meet regulations for continuing education usage, this training cannot already have received CE approval, cannot receive it in the future through another service, and users cannot receive CE credit for the training unless they have taken it on our platform.

Payment - Clinicians will be given the option to get paid a percentage (60%) of any revenue from their training only, or to get an affiliate link to receive payment (60%) on referrals made to any trainings on our platform. Payments are made monthly through paypal.

Interested? Fill out the application below.